In the Heart of Harlem with a Heart for Harlem

History of Our Church

The church began in 1922 as a chapel for the Rosicrucians, or the Brethren of the Rose Cross, an esoteric order that traces its spiritual origins deep into the writings, teachings, and rituals of ancient Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia, and Israel. Under a succession of Pastors, the Church grew, eventually purchased the present structure on 120th Street, and in 1963 changed its name to the First Church of Illumination. For the last ten years Rev. Dyer along with the current leadership has headed the Church, the current leadership includes; Rev. Brenda Hyde (Associate Pastor), Sis. Emolyn Cadle (Junior Chair) Sis. Luisa Noel (Secretary) Sis. Pamela Galvez (Assistant Secretary), Sis. Roselia Jameson (Treasurer) Sis. Eva Hyde (Assistant Treasurer.

There have been many additional ministries and programs implemented at our Church with the hope that these will continue to serve, encourage and develop the congregation. We are committed to fulfilling the original biblical mission and function of the Church of Jesus Christ, which includes His Messianic mission (see: Luke 4:18-19).

Our current spiritual services were implemented and offered to meet some of the most needed and desired services for the congregation and our community, while at the same time utilizing our limited resources to have the greatest impact in the lives of our parishioners and neighbors. We invite you (everyone) to join us as we strive to become a guiding light and do our best to preserve the village of Harlem and the Global village.